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Welcome to the 2011-2012 academic year!
The MACIC Leadership Team met in late August to prepare for the upcoming year.
Please save the date for MACIC’s business meetings and professional development programs:

  • Friday, September 23 – Business Meeting at Direct Supply
  • Friday, December 2 – Professional Development Program
  • Friday, February 10 – Business Meeting
  • Friday, May 11 – Professional Development Program

As you will see, the first meeting for the year is fast approaching. The Leadership Team discussed approaching local companies to be meeting sites, so this will be the first meeting implementing this idea with Direct Supply as our host. The Leadership Team is excited to add this element of professional development to our regular business meeting events.
In addition to MACIC events, you will also find information on conferences and other relevant events on our website. You can see the list of Upcoming Events to the right or view our calendar page.
It is also that time of the year to renew your membership with MACIC!
If your institution is interested in maintaining MACIC membership, please declare your institution a member by completing the Declaration of Membership. We only need one form per institution, so please coordinate this amongst the multiple individuals your institution might have joining us. Please return your Declaration as soon as possible.
There is no membership fee, but to retain your institutional voting rights, we ask that a member from your institution attends at least two of our four yearly business meetings.
If you have any questions, please contact a member of the MACIC Leadership Team.